Funds Raised

Swayamprakash Foundation is a public charitable trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act 1882. A group of service-oriented youth guided by a veteran in the field of Higher Education, decided in February 2014 to join hands and bring some positive change in the society. The primary objective of the organisation is to create a sustainable future for the section of the younger generation (children) which is deprived of the basic human rights. Along with the empowerment of the not-so-lucky children, we are determined to give a helping hand to the old-age people who are helpless and desperately want someone to take care of them at the dusk of their life. The objective behind both these activities is to encourage the young to take care of the old, as that is everyone’s biggest social responsibility.

Our dedicated volunteers are organizing multiple activities and events to help both the young and the old lead a healthy life. We organize various activities like awareness campaigns, health camps, children rehabilitation programmes, educational initiatives for the street children, help prevent trafficking of children from child labour and many other activities for the welfare of the children. We create special awareness about the importance of the care of old age people among the children. For the welfare of the helpless old-age people, we organize activities like visiting old destitute patients in Govt. Hospitals and help them recover and lead a healthy life, organizing awareness campaigns about the importance of old-age care in the civil society (especially among the children) and rehabilitation of the old-age people who are helpless in the society.